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Fort Bend County Public Transportation

Policy – Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH)


A benefit that makes sharing a ride even better is the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

The GRH program is a free service that provides commuters a way home in the event of a midday emergency. For eligibility, riders must be registered prior to needing service. Registration is done by filling out registration form and returning the form to Fort Bend County Public Transportation. The GRH service can be utilized up to three (3) times per calendar year.

Registered participants will receive a ride home if one of the following occurs:

Personal illness (employer’s verification required*)

Illness of a family member (employer’s verification required*)

A death in the family (employer’s verification required*)

Unscheduled overtime required by your employer (employer’s verification required*)

* This verification can be submitted via e-mail to

Some examples of what the program does not cover include but not limited to:

Personal errands

Scheduled medical appointments

Scheduled overtime

Natural disasters when the work force is dismissed

In the event of an emergency, call 281.633.RIDE or 1.866.751.TRIP. A staff member will verify your enrollment in the program. Once enrollment has been confirmed, a staff member will arrange for a service provider to pick you up from your place of employment and take you to your desired park and ride lot. Service response times cannot be guaranteed. Tips or gratuities are optional and must be paid by you.

Fort Bend County Public Transportation

Revised: April 2014

May 2010

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